Why your website needs BuddyPress

Why your website needs BuddyPress
Find out how to keep your website visitors coming back for more with this unique (and free) plug-in

If you have your own website or have been doing some research, you may well have heard of WordPress (the free software which is used to create many of the websites you’ll see online today).  BuddyPress is simply an additional free software package which can be added to WordPress to create a social networking site (or think of it as your own private Facebook) – and so much more besides…

So what is BuddyPress & what can it do?

Basic features

Users can create and update their own profiles, including profile pictures
Users can create “status updates” and/or even their own blogs
Users can befriend other users
Users can send private messages to other users
Users can view an activity “feed” (like Facebook) to see others’ comments and uploads
Users can create and join groups and forums, and participate in discussions with others

In addition to all of the above, there is also an admin area where you the site owner (and anyone else you designate) can manage the site, permissions etc.

With a little customisation, BuddyPress can also be extended to allow –

Photo/other media galleries – created/uploaded by users as well as site-wide galleries

Memberships – allow members to sign-up (either free or paid) and control access to the site (or certain areas of the site) for designated members only

Event listings and ticket sales

And best of all… it’s FREE too…

So what’s the catch and why isn’t everyone using it?

Perhaps not surprisingly, with so many features and options on offer, the initial set-up can be a little daunting which is why it makes sense to use the services of an experienced BuddyPress developer (yes that’s me in case you hadn’t guessed) to help create the initial site and get you up and running.

Who is it for?

Clubs & societies – allow members to upload photos, share news, send private messages

Companies – build a private social network for your staff members

Small businesses – offer a lively community website to interact with your clients

Business directories – create a site offering free or paid listings

Courses – whether you’re offering on or offline courses,  create content which is only shared with those members you designate

Event management – list events, sell tickets, show who is attending etc.

Job Networks – allow employers to post situations vacant and potential employees to search/apply



Whether as a stand-alone package or an addition to your existing website, byCassia and BuddyPress can take your online activity to a whole new level.  Why not contact me to discuss your ideas and what magic we can create for your business?