Buddypress Development

Create your own online community or social networking site

Whether you’re running a membership site, promoting events, communicating with your clients or selling online courses – if you want to encourage visitors to your site to get involved (and even more importantly, to keep coming back) then Buddypress could be for you.

Want to read more about Buddypress, what it can do and who it’s for?  Check out my article here – Why your website needs Buddypress

In my opinion, Buddypress is one of the best free WordPress plug-ins currently on the market but, perhaps not surprisingly for such a sophisticated and versatile,  piece of software, it can be a little daunting to set up initially which is why employing an experienced Buddypress Developer makes a lot of sense, can save you both time and money, and help to ensure that you get the best out of it.

Our membership is blown away with the new club website Cassie created for us and with automated subscriptions and the ability to sign up for events online, it’s saving the committee members SO much time too! – Chris D

How can I help?

With many years’ experience in designing WordPress/Buddypress websites, I can –

  • Explain how Buddypress works and/or recommend which features are likely to be most useful to you
  • Create a theme (style) to suit your business and/or which matches the overall look/feel of your existing site if you have one
  • Install Buddypress and set it up ready for use, including any customisations which may be required to suit your specific needs
  • Install and implement additional options to allow you to handle requirements such as membership subscriptions, event management, access restrictions (eg. member only pages) and receiving payments
  • If you already have an existing membership, I can also help you to migrate members’ information to the new system so all you’ll need to do is send them an email link to the new site and you’ll be up and running in no time!


Why not check out some of the recent projects I’ve worked on , and then contact me for a no obligation, no pressure chat to discuss what I can do for you?