Classic Mercedes Benz dealers (Cheshire Classic Benz) had been running their own WordPress site for some years but it was looking somewhat dated and they were struggling to achieve good search engine rankings, so contacted me to see what I could do both to improve the overall look of the site and also the SEO (search engine optimisation).

First step was a brand new, modern but classic design which was also responsive (ie. looked good on all screen sizes) – especially important as this is something that Google now takes into account when calculating how highly a website will rank in the search result listings.

I also restructured the data to make it easier for the site owners to add details of which cars they have in stock or have been sold, as well as a more user (and search engine) friendly way of adding/editing their news and events pages.

Last step was to add a sophisticated search facility allowing visitors to the site to search for cars available (and/or sold) based on model number, body type etc with the added advantage that this will also help the site to score more highly with Google et al.


See the result here – Cheshire Classic Benz


On a more general note we had intended to write to you to say how absolutely delighted we are with the work you have done for us and the results you have achieved. We couldn’t have hoped for a better, faster or more cost-effective outcome if we had been standing over your shoulder while you did it! We will be singing your praises to anybody who cares to listen, and if you ever need any references for potential customers please don’t hesitate to give them our contact details.


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